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What if, instead of looking at someone,
you took time to see in~to?
Beyond external actions and forms,
then the Divine has a chance to shine through.


All of us have many aspects.
We are more than meets the eyes.
Let your intuition play this game,
to reveal angels in disguise.


~ Kim McElroy

    In meditation with Aspen I asked to receive imagery for her connection with her owner, Marcy.  She appeared and walked toward me as a horse, but then she started to metamorphose into something lighter.  Her black coat began to disappear and drift away as her form became taller and filled with light.  I saw her as a human angelic form with wings.  I felt her presence as gracious and wise, and conveying a sense of peace and deep knowing.  She conveyed that she was in Marcy’s life as a teacher.  When I completed the meditation I looked at the photo I had taken of Aspen and I could see the faint image of an angelic face overlapping her face. 

    Marcy’s Comments: 

    Kim truly captured the spirit of Aspen in her portrait. Aspen was my engagement gift from my boyfriend (now husband). I had almost leased Aspen two years prior to her being for sale. This time when I rode her I just knew that she was the one! I was attracted to her caring and easy nature. She has been with me through many ups and downs. She has held the space when I have cried on her beautiful black shoulder and cantered with incredible grace with me smiling and giggling on her back. Kim tapped into her core message as a teacher. I just never knew that a teacher could be 1,200 lbs! I feel Kim's imagery of the angel and the woman's face overlapping with Aspen's face speaks to deeper meanings that will unfold over time.  I feel that Aspen sees into my soul and her portrait perfectly encapsulates her spirit. Thanks, Kim from Aspen's heart and mine!

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PLEASE NOTE: International Print Shipments:

​Free Shipping is only offered on Domestic USA shipments and doesn't apply to Canadian and International Shipping. With the variety of products we offer, it is impossible to accurately predict Shipping charges to different countries. Shipping costs for prints are calculated AFTER checkout based on package weight and distance. Customers will receive an invoice to cover any additional costs. Please note that we are only charging the amount to ship, which exceeds what we are offering as free packaging and shipping. Tracking is also sometimes unreliable but our packages have always landed safely. ​Border fees, duties, and handling fees might apply.

When ordering prints: I have my art custom-scanned with the highest resolution possible to capture every stroke and texture of the original pastel. For most of my prints, my publisher, American Moulding, offers a variety of options shown below. I also offer Custom Prints which are made locally and hand-signed and shipped from my studio.


Paper Prints and Matted Prints are printed on substantial 180g Archival Matte paper. They are wrapped in clear protective packaging in a flat mailer.

Regarding Matted Prints: The size of the matted print indicates the outside edge of the mat dimensions. An 11" x 14" matted print fits in a frame with an 11" x 14" opening. Depending upon the artwork dimensions, mats are approx 1 1/2" - 2" wide



Premium Fine Art Prints are printed on luscious 310g Sunset Textured Watercolor paper. They are shipped rolled in a sturdy tube. This allows the larger size to ship economically and damage-free.

Canvas Prints are finished with a mirror image of the art around the edge and mounted on 1.5” inch stretcher bars. They include a wire for hanging and are shipped in a sturdy cardboard crate

Please Note:  Some of my artwork is different in ratio than standardized sizes. They work best with custom framing by your local frame shop. For more affordable framing, consider the Matted Prints which allow any size of art to become a standard-sized dimension to allow ease of selecting a store-bought frame. 

Due to supply chain issues, our current turnaround times are as follows:

Paper Prints: 1 to 2 weeks

Matted Prints: 3 to 4 weeks

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For the 11x14” Matted Print the Art Image is approximately 8x10”

For the 16x20” Matted Print the Art Image is approximately 12x16”

I am honored to create this beautiful piece for you to frame behind glass and hang in a special place in your home. Each print is as much my art as the original, carrying the energetic blueprint of the art into your life.
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