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Living with Spirit of Horse art in your home.
becomes a window to your soul,
expressing who you are, and what you love about horses.

Eye to Eye - horse art by Kim McElroy


Expressing  aspects of horses in communion with their own kind, or with other beings including humans.

Drinkers of the Wind art by Kim McElroy


Exploring the mystical dimensions of horses as part of nature or Universal consciousness.

Shadow Dancer Equine Art by Kim McElroy


Experiencing the dynamic dance of energy that horse's embody

Kim's Blog

Stillness, Horse Art by Kim McElroy

Receiving lessons from horses on how to navigate our inner landscapes. 

Integrity horse portrait painting bykim mcelroy

Not merely a likeness, but a timeless work of living art.

Blended Beings.jpg


Rare offerings of one-of-a-kind creations

Hoofbeats in Heaven wm.jpg

Like looking through a kaleidoscope, what you perceive from a work of art will be unique to you. 

Seahorse Shadow Box 1_edited.jpg

Embellishments of artifacts from the natural world make each work of art.

The Complete Print Collection

A walk through time, this gallery features a wide view of the many works of art I have created since 1987. Some are familiar friends, and some are new introductions. Each painting invites you to engage with the spirit of horse. 

soh-framed-wall-art-collection collage-wide.jpg
Lady Faire wm.jpg


Your horse is in your life for a reason. The relationship is profound... so profound, that the essence is unconscious.

Commission a visionary work of art that expresses what cannot be put into words.

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