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You can have more of my art at your fingertips! My Inspirations Downloads are designed to offer tools to help you become more centered and grounded with access to horse-inspired guidance in your life.


Adapted from my weekly Inspirations subscription, these affordable Instant Downloads allow you to choose your favorite art to print, keep, and share. Create your own Kim McElroy collection!


Inspirations Art and Poetry Instant Downloads

$4.95 Price Includes:

                              • DOWNLOADABLE WALLPAPER to enjoy on your desktop or phone

                              • COLLECTIBLE POETRY and ART CARD to print, keep, and share

                              • PRINTABLE JOURNAL PAGE for inner reflection

                              • INSPIRATIONS MESSAGE to share on social media

My Inspirations Subscription offers beautiful downloads like these on a weekly basis, plus other wonderful offerings and subscriber discounts. Free 14-Day Trial

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