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You may think you’re dreaming
Her message is clear
This mare from the dark night
Will always stay near
Her strong heart a comfort
Her warm nudge a balm
To ease this next passage
Into the dawn
~ Kim McElroy 

Elysian is a powerful mare who comes from the the abode of the blessed, a paradise situated at the end of the world which is the final resting place for the souls of the virtuous.

Elysian started out as a different incarnation in the first creation, but I felt her presence had changed, so with a print as the base sketch, I completely revised the work of art, and she evolved into the being you see here.

Her midnight blue eyes are uncompromising but compassionate. Elysian invites the presence of mind that allows for revelation to arise.

Framed in a simple and beautiful soft brushed matte black wood frame, with Tru-Vue Non-Reflective Museum Glass

Original Framed

Image size: 22" x 30.5"

Framed Size: 25.5" x 34"


Shipping time and price to be determined


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