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We feel the wind as a living thing
Moving through us like mercury.
Companions, we stand side by side
Sharing a glimpse of infinity.

~ Kim McElroy 

Connection Gallery

Blended Beings Original Framed.jpg

This painting was inspired by an evening I spent among some wild horses at Return to Freedom Sanctuary. It reminds me of the warm autumn wind in their manes, and the peace of mind they embodied. They approached me in trust and friendship and I was amazed at how close they allowed me to be.


When I returned home to my studio, this memory in unique colors appeared in my meditation and then emerged onto paper without thought or plan in one drawing session. It was as if with the color of memory the day had turned to night, and sunlight to iridescent starlight.

These horses embody a stillness that allows time for reflection. There is an intimacy in the grace of the unseen horse in the foreground. Her head is lowered because she is secure that her companion is watching over her.

Enhanced by an iridescent pewter mat lined with a silver wood filet, and framed in an elegant pewter wood frame with filigree carvings, with Tru-Vue Non-Reflective Museum Glass

Original Framed with Glass

Image Size 20" x 26"

Framed Size: 30" x 35"


Shipping time and price to be determined


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