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These podcasts and videos are a wonderful way to listen in on interesting conversations about my art and the love of horses.

Interview with

Warwick Schiller

The Journey On Podcast:

Interview with

Alyssa and Jason

Reinforce the Horse Podcast

Interview with

Cat Caldwell Myers

The Adventure Paradox: Horses, Mountains & Dogs Podcast:


The Path of the Horse

In 2009 I was one of the featured guests in the groundbreaking film The Path of the Horse


Secrets of Drawing Horses

In 2009 I created a video Secrets of Drawing Horses. Not a "how to" but a philosophy of how to embrace your artistic self as inspired by horses.


Equine Leadership

Enjoy my interview from 2020 with Lynda Watson of Equine Leadership Group and magazine discussing the big picture of my art and my sanctuary, and why Humanity Needs the Horses.

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