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Finding our Way Back to Childhood Wonder

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

I have been here, waiting between your breaths for the longest time. Knowing that someday you would remember. Remember Me. Remember Us. I am in your heart whether you knew me or not. Whether you had a pony, or only dreamt of one. We are both real, just the same.

Finding our Way Back to Childhood Wonder - Sweet Dreams artwork by Kim McElroy, Spirit of Horse Gallery, Kingston, WA

“Sweet Dreams”

Somewhere along the way, you forgot the wonder. You remembered the love, but the love became inextricably woven with loss. Your heart was broken, and the moments that were timeless became shrouded in the past; walled off and insulated from the painful ending of what was once so pure.

This place has remembered for both of us. It has been within us all along. There is no door, or window, or way here except by surrendering to the moment and trusting that the emotions that come up when you embark on the journey, are all the illusions that have kept us apart. Illusions created by others. Or walls erected by other parts of yourself, that thought they were protecting you. That protection is no longer needed. You can set it aside, and breathe, and walk to the edge of my pond. There you will see reflections of what once was. Then, raise your eyes and look around, I am still here. We have a new playground to explore. By night, and by day. My only request is that you carry me in your pocket each time you leave here. In this way, I can remind you of the wonder of your every day now, and the people and animals who share the home pond, the city pond, the country pond, and the earth pond of your life.

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I love this because it reminds me of how I feel each time I am with my horses. Each journey that is created when I am with them is a freedom to be who I at heart.

Replying to

Thank you Cindy, I am so glad you enjoyed these thoughts and that you have horses in your life to in-light-en you.

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