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Living Art Part 3 ~ Horses viewing their own portraits

Updated: Jul 4, 2023

Pat shows Skippy the print of his portrait

Enjoy “Living Art” Part 1 here and Part 2 here

In part 2 of “Sentience of Horses” I shared the story of how magical it is to show my art to horses, especially if it is their own portrait.  This series of photos was taken by my client Pat when I suggested that she show a print of her portrait to her horse Skippy.  She said :

Dear Kim ~ I showed Skippy his portrait today.  At first he was wary – then drawn to it – then he really looked!  What an interesting process.  I think he approves.  Thank you for suggesting this!


Pat shows Skippy a print of his portrait

Skippy really LOOKS at the print of his portrait

Skippy really LOOKS at the print of his portrait

And looks again with his other eye

And looks again with his other eye

Skippy’s portrait is a stylized Soul Essence portrait that portrays his connection with Pat

Another client – Lori – shared the following from witnessing her horse Alibi viewing his portrait.  Many of the elements that were contained in his portrait were inspired by Lori’s intuitive connection with him and her vision of what he wanted to help her define in the portrait.  This process was even more evocative in this context.

Hi Kim

I showed Alibi his portrait tonight.  It was very interesting.  First he looked at it for a moment, then he looked at me.  Then he put his nose on it briefly and looked at it again.  Then he rubbed his nose on each element individually, glancing at me in between.  Yes, I said, that is you and yes, that is my hands.  Yes, that is our land, and yes that is your bubble, yes that is your beautiful face, yep…my hands, yes, our sky….repeating the review over and over and over….probably 5 minutes or more.  He tuned into each element and was very precise in his review.  It was fun…but also beautiful…like he is, and like the portrait is…beautiful, unique and us.  I believe he is very pleased.

It was a really profound experience.  I was amazed how precise he was with his nose only touching or rubbing small parts…the bubble for instance, but not touching his body…then his body…then his face and rubbing his face up and down along his blaze…then my hands, each one…etc.  The more I have reflected upon it, the more profound it is. 

~ Lori

So next time you think about it, show your horse something they might know something about, a photo of another horse they know, or people, or my art! Respond to the blog and let me know what they do and how they act!

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