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Distant Memories of An Ancient Love Story

We whisper of an ancient knowing When we were One Masculine and feminine in balance We represent the parts of you that have the capacity for love

Insights about Love

Horses remind us that there are parts of us that hold memories of oour past, hidden in our subconscious, and recorded in our very cells. In the space in-between those cells, and in the silence in-between my thoughts, there is hope, courage, and faith. These qualities resonate and expand when we surround ourselves with beneficial experiences that inspire love.

As humans we sometimes need to remind ourselves how to feel love. If our life experiences have been difficult and we equate love with the love of another human, we may have judgements about loving. Nevertheless, we all have an inherent need to love and be loved. Horses and other animals are pure love, and the more we can be around them, to receive their wisdom, the more we learn what is a natural state.

Origins of Inspiration

Distant Memories was created in 2004 from some sketches I had created many years before. When I began the process of creating the sketches into a work of art, I began to feel that the horses were familiar. They seemed to be ancient souls who were unhindered by earthly bonds. To honor the ancient wisdom I felt these horses held, I chose a textured paper that reminded me of Egyptian papyrus or the wall of a prehistoric cave.

As I created the pastel drawing, I realized these were horse spirits I had once experienced while meditating. In my vision I had visited a place where all reality was made of colored sand. A deep peace settled in my heart and the only sound was the wind. The sand blew in the wind, and as I watched with my mind’s eye, the random colors coalesced into forms. The forms were of horses like these. My feelings expanded into wonder, and I began to feel love for them. The more I focused on loving them, the clearer they became in my mind's eye.

Receiving the Blessings

These horses remind me that with me is a part of myself that that it knows what I need to find harmony and balance. When I surround myself with things I love, with beautiful art and inspiring writings and music, I am nurturing myself. This helps me keep my heart open to loving the next beautiful being that comes my way.

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