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“We Are” ~ Love of Horses E-Inspiration

Prints and Posters available at

“We Are” ~ Prints and Posters available at

“We Are”

The love of horses Begins in wonder Simmers in dreams Is realized with challenge And expands into awe”

~ Kim McElroy

When I was about 11 years old I drew a picture of a horse’s face blended with a woman’s face in such a way as they shared the same eye. Even at that young age, I sought to express my feelings that women and horses were spiritually connected.

In 1993 I began a series of paintings I called “EquiSelf” in which I combined images of horses and women in such a way as to depict that they were One. That year I also met my first horse, Darma. My exploration of this Oneness continues…

It is intriguing to think that my intuitive expression of this painting perhaps led to the creation of manifesting this kind of relationship in my life. Around that time I wrote the following poem.  I hope you enjoy this poem and would love to hear if my artwork inspires your thoughts of connecting spiritually and emotionally with horses.

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Her Self

A girl child awakens to emotion early. She seeks someone to resonate with. but in her world the adults have forgotten how to truly express emotion, and the other children don’t understand.

Perhaps then a part of her names a manifestation of her intangible feelings in the form of the horse. Somehow she instinctively knows that the horse is a creature of emotion who, like her seeks someone to resonate with.

For lack of a better role model The girl becomes a horse in her imagination. She plays the role of being dynamic and powerful, passionate and free. She longs to have a real horse To share these feelings with. The lucky girls get horses.

Others grow up And sometimes they find their way back, and as women find the answers they have been seeking in human relationships in their relationship with a horse.

As a woman bonds with a horse; Attempts to understand and interpret… she is nurturing, facing her fears, and moving beyond boundaries. Essential lessons in any relationship.

And in this new, quiet communication of touch and thought intuition and expression… she finds at last, her Self.

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