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The Quest

"Natural Gift" pastel painting by Kim McElroy

“Natural Gift” pastel painting by Kim McElroy

If someone asked us why we spend our lives with horses, we would say, “Because I must”. To love horses is to pursue a quest for an elusive form of love. The challenges and rewards are difficult to define to another person unless they share the same quest. Our experiences with horses can be equal parts elation, frustration, confusion, and redemption. Yet the pursuit is fulfilling, and gives us a sense of purpose.

If someone asked us why we live our life, we would say, “Because I must.”The challenges and rewards are also difficult to define. Some people live their lives merely responding to the outside world. Some seek to affect their world by their actions. Our pursuits can seem like mirages wavering into form, only to dissolve as we approach. Or our experiences can be as tangible as milestones.

Even if we ride in circles in an arena, or don’t ride at all, the horse can lead us on inner journeys. We cross chasms of fear, meadows of bliss, sands of effort, and mountains of accomplishment.

If we truly embrace these metaphors, they can teach us lessons that empower us and give us a sense of purpose in our lives. Our experiences with horses can guide us through the inner landscape of our selves, but only if we are willing to take up the reins.

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