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The Legend

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This week’s inspiration flowed out of me late one night as I pondered our connection to our beloved horses who have passed on, and to the horse spirits who call to our souls.  The mystery of  our connection with horses is elusive as it is tangible. Much like the process of writing or art.  Creativity is unformed until we express it, and then the expression just takes us deeper into the mystery.

Someone asked me recently how I came up with my inspirational writings each week, and I told them that when I look at a collection of my paintings one will catch my eye and then I know there is something in me that wants to emerge.  I sit and wait for it and then words start to come.  This is how I’ve always written, even as a child. 

I remember sitting down to write my first poem at the age of 9 or so, and feeling the need to express some unspoken feelings that weren’t in the form of a conversation, or a story — but rather in as few words as possible to convey the meaning. 

I hope you will share your own insights into connecting with horses spirits…

The Legend

“The Legend” In the dark of night a magic awakens the veil is lifted and for a short time horse spirits walk the earth…

They call to our hearts in the language of dreams

If you listen closely you will hear them

If you wait patiently you will feel them

Then, in wonderment and joy you will remember

And until you meet again the stars will shine with new meaning…

The Legend by Kim McElroy available at as a signed giclee print ~ available in 4 sizes

"The Legend" by Kim McElroy available at as a signed giclee print ~ available in 4 sizes

Insights into “The Legend”

“The Legend” was originally created as an illustration for a toy series and children’s book called “The Legend of the Night Mares”  When I read author Dawn Van Zant’s story of 3 mares escaping capture by climbing a mystical path to the stars, her evocative story inspired me to visualize this painting in its entirety.  I then knew it was an inspiration who’s time had come.

 Leanin’ Tree Greeting cards originally published this image as a sweet card celebrating pursuing one’s dreams.  Then later they released it as a horse sympathy card with the phrase… heaven has welcomed a new angel.

 “The Legend” has become a powerful symbol that represents two themes.  To some, it represents our mysterious connection to the spirits of horses.  As horseman Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling so aptly describes in the documentary “The Path of the Horse” — throughout history and culture – horses have always represented the line between the mystical world and the tangible one. 

To others who have lost a beloved horse, it is a poignant vision of the veil between worlds, and a faith that horse spirits return to that mystical place.  And perhaps come back again…

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