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The Creation of Lady’s Power

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Lady and Jane

Lady’s Power was inspired by a mare named Lady. Due to some extreme health issues her owner Jane had to help her cross over at the young age of only 14. In the meditation with Lady I felt that her spirit was still strongly connected to Jane, and that they had ties to a form of knowledge that Jane was meant to continue to explore. I felt that Lady was so close to Jane as to be one with her.

Excerpts from the Meditation

I behold a wide flowing river. It is moving quickly – cold water… with rocks emerging from the water. I kneel down in the water, and I dissolve into it, it takes me with it, flowing swiftly, and we plunge down in the form of a waterfall to a very deep pool. I emerge on a bank and I see Lady kneeling sleeping there. She doesn’t open her eyes or move, she seems deep in sleep, so I wait.

Some time passes, night falls and I see the stars. They are reflected in the still pool beside me. I see Lady’s form dissolve like water and slowly flow past me like a pool of her white and brown paint colors, and she merges into the water yet floats on it like oil, like she has transformed into a liquid form. There are no words. I ask if she can give me a message for Jane. For a few moments I see a rush of confusing images, a man, people talking, a feeling of frustration from Jane? Feels like an experience from her recent life but I can’t interpret the images. Then there is a moment of suspension and then other sensations come upon me – as if I have become a horse, but I am in a human form. It feels almost like being a human with a horse mask on. I realize it isn’t me but that I am briefly experiencing being in Jane’s body – yet somehow I also feel like Jane is also Lady – the two are in one body.

I look around and I see tents, and decorated bullhorns, a wooden carved horse head. The feeling is of an ancient Celtic place – it feels like a past life vision. As the woman that is Jane we are moving through this place, Jane lives here. I feel like she isn’t a person of any standing, more of a servant, yet I sense a power in her, and she has this horse-self that is Lady completely within her, yet it is a secret. As Jane, I look in a bowl of water, and reflected in the dark water is Lady. Yet no one here knows that she has a horse spirit within her.

I ask what happened with Lady in this recent life and I get the impression that Lady could not continue to remain in corporeal form. It was too difficult for her to hold onto her physical form, and she felt separated from Jane. Its almost as if she wasn’t truly a “horse” in the sense of wanting to live the life of a horse, but more that she came to be with Jane.

Amazingly I do not feel that Lady needs to be a separate entity – but that she wants to be One with Jane – and now that she is in spirit, she can truly be with Jane again, her spirit is entwined around Jane and within her, and Jane is once again looking at the world through both her own, and Lady’s eyes. The message from Lady is that I feel she and Jane have a purpose to fulfill – that wasn’t accomplished in that past life. The purpose feels like something about truly seeing others and interpreting the truth through this joined power of human/horse awareness. Lady wants to help Jane with her gifts.

Perhaps once this purpose is fulfilled Lady might become her own individual soul but for now I feel she and Jane are connected in spirit.

I ask Lady if she has a talisman or totem that I can tell Jane about to prove to her that it is indeed Lady that I have been in contact with – and she shows me the image of a ladybug

Jane’s Insights

I’m still marveling at the painting. The vision was so startlingly unique and yet so familiar…like a word on your tongue that just hasn’t been able to come out yet. I didn’t feel the kind of puppy-like warm connection to Lady that some people might feel with an animal. It was more like a bond that had some other purpose and meaning beyond personal emotions. The painting reflects that in it’s mysterious symbols ad links to another life and an unfulfilled purpose. The silver of the bowl is about communicating this reflection to the world in some way….to those who need to reconnect with the strength behind their vulnerability…for she was vulnerable and I have always conveyed the message in my name…STRONG. We need to mirror each other and remind each other of the link between the two qualities.

It is amazing that you intuitively felt drawn to paint a ladybug, because the woman who last boarded Lady had given her that nickname…

I am deeply grateful to you for bringing this message to life through the reflection in words and the painting. It fills in pieces that I could never have seen and helps me to focus my energy where it will serve us both. Without this painting and the words of your journey, I don’t think I would be able to get in touch with what I need to do.

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