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What is Pastel?


Pastels are not simply a form of chalk. Pastel is a dry medium created from pure pigments from the earth. Pastels have a higher pigment concentration than any other artist medium, which is why they are so rich in color and depth.


Pastel artists often refer to pastels as luscious because the act of drawing with them is so tactile. There is no brush, so the experience of drawing is immediate and expressive, like finger painting but with a dry medium. Various brands from the USA and Europe are often handmade and range in textures from soft as silk to gritty as earth. Pastels come in a kaleidoscope of colors, from the most subtle dreamlike reveries to the most brilliant nebulas to the darkest azure depths of a horse’s eyes.


Enjoy this excellent article on pastel here


“A particle of pastel, seen under a microscope, looks like a diamond with many facets. Therefore paintings done in pastel reflect light in the same way as a prism, in multiple directions. Pastels do not oxidize with the passage of time. They are one of the most permanent mediums of all when they are applied to acid-free archival paper or board and framed correctly. “

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