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Two of a Kind ~ Self Reflection

~ Two of a Kind ~  Posters and Prints available at

~ Two of a Kind ~ Posters and Prints available at

There is more to us than meets the eye The many layers of our being are revealed when we see our own reflection The world around us offers endless opportunities With each encounter of another person or animal Each place in the outer world or at home Each moment in solitude or togetherness, We can be the witness of our inner nature When we observe our actions and thoughts from a subtle distance, We will see our Selves ~ looking back.   

~ Kim McElroy

the reflection....

the reflection….

When I used to show my art at horse events around the country, I enjoyed watching how people interacted with my art. It was rare that they saw the subtle hidden imagery I portray without my prompting.  I always hope that my art inspires people to view the world a little differently.  As an artist, I spend a lot of time looking at reflections, patterns, and shadows.

I remember years ago a riding instructor suggested while leading or riding a horse, that I relax my gaze and allow my peripheral vision to come in.  She said it was a way of helping myself see more like a horse than a human, while being more relaxed, which the horse would sense.  I try to remember in art, as in life, so much of the world around us and within us is not viewed with a direct gaze, but with soft eyes.  As always – horses are our teachers….

~ May the Horse be with you…

Kim McElroy

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