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The Blessing

Hello ~ This weeks inspiration is a new Soul Essence painting.  This is one of my favorite pieces and I believe it speaks to the magic that horses offer us.  I would love to hear some of your own experiences of horses and nature…

The Blessing

“The Blessing”

Come, drink from river of Universal Knowledge. With eyes unclouded ~ you will see that spirits are not merely of the air, they are woven into the fibers of the world. With a heart unburdened ~ you will know that Angels come in many forms…

~ Kim McElroy

"The Blessing" is available at as a custom signed giclee ~ available in 4 sizes

“The Blessing” is available at as a custom signed giclee ~ available in 4 sizes

“The Blessing” Insights

This painting is a Soul Essence portrait created of a filly named Shana. Shana’s name is short for Justanemoshan — so named by her breeder, Barb. I asked to receive knowledge of Shana’s soul essence and what she came to express of herself for Nicole and John and any other’s whose lives she touches, in a way that I could paint for her portrait.

I entered a beautiful glen with a river surrounded by trees of Fall colors.  The river spoke to me and told me that Shana receives Universal knowledge. Shana conveyed to me that all of Nature was full of energy — horse energy and others, and that everything is connected.  That the spirits of all who have ever been and gone, are still here in the fibers of the world.  That we can learn to understand that spirits are not as intangible as we believe — our limited perception of them almost as like “air” , but rather they are in every rock and tree and river and leaf, the cells and the molecules and the fiber of nature.

I asked Shana if we could know more about her own essence, and she lifted her head high up, and a human-like form of light emerged from her throat and neck and chest, as if she had metamorphosed for a moment into an angel.  She told me she is an earthly counterpart of the Archangel Raphael.

Nicole later shared with me that all this was so significant because many people are drawn to touch or be near Shana’s neck and chest — and that Shana will maneuver herself to intentionally put people there.  That her hair is so soft there it is almost unreal…

Later Shana’s breeder, Barb, told me the name Shana  means “God is gracious”….

Nicole Birkholzer is an Equine Inspired Personal Coach visit her website at 

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