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“Phoenix Rising” ~ Mythical Fire Horse


“Phoenix Rising”

We are the phoenix of ancient times Sent to remind you of Nature’s Way To light inner fires with purpose Clearing the stagnant energies of the past

In a joyful uprising of rebellion We embrace renewal Through the burning away of what is not needed Providing fuel for positive change

~ Kim McElroy

The inspiration for this painting is one of the mysteries of my creative process.  I cannot pinpoint exactly how it evolved, but like fire, it took on a life of its own.  I remember doing a lot of research into wings and flight.  I was especially inspired when I saw a huge winged wire horse sculpture suspended over the escalators at the Louisville, Kentucky airport.

When I first showed the painting I was disappointed that some people perceived of the fiery element as destructive rather than passionate.  I have always been drawn to the mysterious and magical aspects of fire.  I am a fire sign of Leo, and I was born in 1966, the Chinese year of the Fire Horse which happens every 60 years.

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