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Hello ~ A few weeks ago I was traveling with my friends Connie Funk (author of Beauty from Brokenness and Holy as Thou)  Sandra Wallin (Equine Guided Development),  Mark Mottershead (founder  (and Stormy May (Film Producer)  on a tour of Canada and Western Washington showing screenings of Stormy’s documentary “The Path of the Horse”.  It was a powerful experience to be present with so many talented and like-minded people, all gathered because of our mutual love of horses. 

One day while staying at Connie’s ranch we had a break from the busy schedule and I spent an hour or so with Connie’s horses out in their field.  Connie’s horse, Chasta, is a honey colored mare who has a deep wisdom and sense of self.  As I lay on the bench by the pond, she graciously came over to me and gently nuzzled my torso and head.  I felt very peaceful and when I sat up I felt blessed that she had chosen to nap right next to me. 

I closed my eyes in contentment and a vision began forming.  I believe it was Chasta who communicated this message to me.  It was clear to me that the vision had many interpretations, but that it was especially appropriate for the experience our group was having in going out and reaching people to showcase the film and trying to raise human consciousness about horses.


Once there was a Being called the Beekeeper He happily and diligently tended his hives Only instead of bees, they were full of horses… Horses of every size and shape, color and breed.

With the Beekeeper’s blessing, One by one the horse beings left the hives. They flew to the Earth realm, disguised as earthbound creatures Only instead of seeking flowers, they sought human beings

The horses were most drawn to the humans that were open hearted Only those humans could be pollinated with ideas and inspirations With this miraculous partnership, the horses and humans thrived.

The horse beings are still working to this day… Patiently waiting for more human beings to bloom So they can continue to share their knowledge. There is much to be done.

~ Kim McElroy

"Luminous" is available at as a custom signed giclee ~ available in 4 sizes

"Luminous" is available at as a custom signed giclee ~ available in 4 sizes

Luminous Insights

Luminous was created in a series of Expressions.  The inspiration for this collection was a showing at a local restaurant called Winslow Way Café.  At each table were frames with 8” square openings.  Artists were invited to create a series of 8 paintings for these frames to hang for a month long exhibition.  I decided to create a series of horse’s eyes.  It was quite interesting to go to dinner there, and surreptitiously watch the diner’s reaction to their paintings as they were led to their tables.  Some people would remark on the eyes and admire them, other people would ignore them completely.  And once I saw a couple actually cover up the painting with their napkin!  To me that was actually the highest compliment.  If they felt that strongly the horse was looking at them, they must have had something to hide!

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