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In Rhythm ~ Follow the Source E-Inspiration

As the wind moves over the grasses So do we wade through time and space Ever nomads of the earth Together in our tribe of harmony

Remember what it is like To follow the Source wherever it leads Trust in the bounty of sustenance And the memory of ancient paths Traveled throughout the ages

~ Kim McElroy

I was blessed to witness this beautiful image as I drove down a dirt road in Wyoming. I got out of the car and marveled at the beautiful horses, almost swimming through grass that was so tall they didn’t even have to bend their heads to graze. They just snatched mouthfuls as they steadily moved on, disregarding my presence as they would a deer or any other natural element in their landscape. There were no fences in sight. I took a deep breath and allowed the miracle of their presence, and the warm summer wind, to erase the miles I had traveled.

I’d love to hear what magical moments with horses you have experienced…

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