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Gratitude from my Heart to Yours

Drawing from the Essence of Life…

LeeAnn's Soul Essence Drawing

Lee Ann’s Soul Essence Drawing

Dear Friends

After I shared my recent life changing event, the outpouring of love and support from all of you has been incredibly uplifting for me.  What a symphony of well wishes and stories you have shared that makes me feel so connected with you.  Sometimes the internet communication world can be a world of passively receiving information, yet I am learning that it also can be a heartfelt way of reaching out and asking for connection, and expressing how we feel.   When I read your posts, it makes me feel that much closer to you all and I feel so very fortunate that my life’s work has created such a loyal and loving following of like-minded people.

The drawing shown above was created at one of the equine facilitated workshops I taught when I was engaged in the process of drawing the “soul essence” of the person from receiving an intuitive message during a client’s reflective session with a horse.  I have often realized that as an artist who feels compelled to interpret and express for others, it is rare that I take the time to sit down and draw intuitively for myself.  When I do, I am always amazed at the profound imagery that evolves from the unseen world into the seen.  I thought you might enjoy seeing a few of my rarely shown personal creations that held powerful messages for me.

I know now that I have experienced a profound and daunting near death experience, that even though I have yet to put hand to paper, that when I do, I will be able to ask and receive insights into what this crossroads in my journey has in store for me…

The Weaver This drawing was created during a workshop I taught at Epona – after I participated in a shamanic journey. The message for me was that as an artist I am a weaver, and I create the horse as a tapestry from life itself

"The Weaver" pastel by Kim McElroy

“The Weaver” pastel by Kim McElroy

Heaven and Earth This drawing was inspired by viewing the parts of myself in connection with heaven and earth and the elements

"Heaven and Earth" Pastel by Kim McElroy

“Heaven and Earth” Pastel by Kim McElroy

In closing I thought I’d share a couple photos of me in my younger years.  Some of you have known me from around that time!

Kim in Studio 1989

Kim in Studio 1989

 I recently heard an interview with Wayne Dyer where he said essentially that we are constantly changing and we are no longer the people/bodies that we were before… it is so true – I have grown so much and had so many magical times since these photos were taken, and my life is just beginning…  I am so grateful to have more of that life to live, and to have the continued vitality to express my creative spirit and continue to share it with all of you.

Kim 1993

Kim 1993

Thanks for listening…


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