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“The Quest” 15” x 23” Pastel by Kim McElroy

“The Quest” 15” x 23” Pastel by Kim McElroy

Even though I am an accomplished artist, and I have been doing my work professionally for two decades, I still experience challenges in my art, just as in every aspect of life. When I am beginning a new work of art, sometimes I run into what seems like a roadblock in the composition. Usually, the roadblock is caused by my own state of mind, my anticipation of problem that I am afraid I won’t be able to solve. In my attempt to protect myself from failure and disappointment, I resist proceeding to the next step in the process. Yet each time, I find that when I persevere and discover the solution, then the new idea is much better than the one I tried so hard to hang onto. You would think that as many times as I’ve been through this, that I would recognize that every time I experience a roadblock, it is merely a detour to take a new road to a more perfect destination.

It is the same with horses. In the time that I have been with horses, I have come to realize that every step with them is a new challenge. At times I have become so frustrated with my lack of knowledge, or a horse’s behavior, that I would throw up my hands in despair of a solution. Yet those emotions were counter productive, and I came to realize that my frustration came from the assumption that I had to find a solution in that very moment, rather than waiting for a detour to naturally present itself. When I found ways to increase my knowledge and experience, the roadblocks didn’t seem as daunting because I took them as challenges rather than dead ends.

The roads of life have many twists and turns. But with the right perspective, the next turn may bring a new solution.

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