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Brother Earth, Sister Sea

Updated: May 7, 2022

Hello ~ This weeks inspiration is inspired by my connection with my wonderful designer and friend Davina, who’s beautiful design work makes the imagery of my art and the poetry of my very magical.  Davina is here with me this week helping me with the events and shows during the Path of the Horse documentary film screenings and trade shows.  This is a rare treat because though we’ve worked together for 4 years long distance, we’ve only met in person once before.

Davina and I started working together in 2005 when she contacted me to purchase a set of coasters of her favorite painting, “Shadow Dancer”.  From the very first time we met over the internet, we knew we were in sync with our love of horses and our artistic talents and our dreams of sharing our creative ideas with the world.

Davina has become an integral part of my business and my accomplishments, and I hers, and neither of us could have achieved as much without the other.  

I’d love to hear stories from you about how the love of the horse has inspired you to connect with wonderful people in your lives.  Or if you have stories of how dolphins and horses are linked in your minds and hearts…

Brother Earth, Sister Sea

The Water of our emotions sustains us on the journey The Sky of our dreams gives us horizons to aim for The Fire of our passions gives us the fuel for our dreams While the Earth keeps us centered and grounded

We two — can go further than we would alone…

"Brother Earth, Sister Sea" custom signed prints available at

"Brother Earth, Sister Sea" custom signed prints available at

“Brother Earth, Sister Sea” Insights

The story of the creation of this painting is another example of how connections with others can inspire beautiful things.  The idea for the painting was sparked by a conversation with a woman who was a collector of my work.  She shared that the horses hidden in the waves in my painting, “Night Run” (Shown May 11) reminded her of dolphins, and how her young daughter’s two favorite things were dolphins and horses.  This topic made me reflect that I too have always been drawn to dolphins, and I realized that the two seemed very similar in their behaviors and their mysterious connection with humans.  The next morning I was having breakfast with my mom at a local restaurant and the image of what would become “Brother Earth, Sister Sea” came completely formed into my mind.  I quickly sketched it on a napkin (as is the habit of artists when no other paper is handy!)

When I shared this painting over the years I had many fascinating discussions with people who shared their own stories of how closely dolphins and horses were connected.  One woman was a marine biologist and a horsewoman.  She shared how closely their social dynamics were and that she had used these insights in her work. She asked me why I had chosen to paint the Common Dolphin instead of the Bottlenose.  I said I felt the Common Dolphin’s face and body seemed more elegant and refined like the Arabian horse, and she said, “Yes, I always thought of Bottlenoses as like Quarter Horses!”

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