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Ancestral Wisdom

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Power and vision and wisdom Stirs within your soul as you remember the inner voice Resounding as an echo Across the still pool of time.
There is much to be done To heal the wounds of the survivors To seal the tombs of the warriors And move on.
~ Kim McElroy

This is a Soul Essence painting of a horse named Buck. Buck had passed years before I was commissioned to paint him. When I meditated with Buck I asked him what his perception of his spirit is like. He showed me two colored ribbons or ropes — one royal blue and one red. They curved and flowed, sinuous and effortless. The blue seemed to represent emotional feeling and perception through a form of touch or sensing, and the red seemed to represent action, fire, and energy. The red could move, pull, or carry. The blue could caress, weave, and connect. I had the impression I could draw his essence this way — with these two colors both held side by side in one hand drawing the same strokes.

I asked if there was an animal totem that Buck could show me — and I saw a tiger’s paw — not the whole tiger but just the paw. This puzzled me for some time. My awareness was drawn to the mix of the extremely beautiful and soft hairs, surrounding the strong claws, the mix of tender and powerful, soft and sharp. At the end of the meditation — the word came to me what the definition was… it was the word Discernment.

The standing stones came to represent qualities of Buck’s human family. The circle Callanish was the feminine representation of Nicole, and the single stone — represented the masculine representation of her husband, John.

As I worked on the single stone’s designs — I realized that the lines of Buck’s portrait were very Celtic in design — with overlapping swirls just like the designs on this stone. I had created this not even thinking consciously of a Celtic theme.

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