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A Tour of Spirit of Horse Gallery

Updated: Jan 20, 2022

Welcome to SkyeLandeSea Farm and Knoelle House

To visit Spirit of Horse Gallery at SkyeLandeSea Farm is to immerse yourself in artful magic. It is a result not only of planning but also of minds open to serendipitous revelations.

~ Sallie Wagner Brown

Walk up the pathway through Marastone Garden

to the Studio Entrance

Enter the hobbit door where magic awaits you…

My studio is a dream come true for me. After living for sixteen years in our sweet 100-year old 800 square-foot cottage on our beautiful 8-acre farm with our animals, it was time to spread my wings and move uphill to the knoll where we built our dream home, which we named Knoelle. I wanted a studio with plenty of space, and a cozy and hobbit-like feeling, and a room full of warmth and light.

The Studio – with Griffin and Rikki kitties

Stairs to the main house

Studio corner

A pastel artist’s dream – drawers of many colors

Darma placing herself for the perfect glimpse in line with a horse spirit carving A winged horse carving from a Thai oxcart prow

Now walk through another door with a round window

to view the originals and other treasures…

The Gallery Door

This room off my studio became the perfect location for my Gallery. Griffin cat waits to show you a place where all my artworks and special treasures for sale are displayed.

Welcome to the Gallery

We stained the wood to look like old barn wood. What better place to display beautiful horse art!

The Gallery

The kitties love the ground floor level window where Rikki kitty met my mare Darma spontaneously for the first time. I just happened to grab my phone in time to take this picture!

Rikki and Darma chance encounter through the gallery window!

As you enter the gallery to the right you will see memento’s of my business “The Fire Horse” that I started with my mother, Kay, in 1987. Shown is a photo of me presenting President Reagan with a portrait of his horse, and a letter written by Bo Derek thanking me for the painting I created of her stallion “Centauro” in “Field of Dreams”.

The Fire Horse Mementos

Thanks for joining me for a glimpse of my studio and gallery. I hope you will visit in person someday...

Me in my Studio

There is a depth beyond the physical reality of the home and gallery at SkyeLandeSea. Nature is honored, and, in return, inspires visitors and the artist herself.

~ Sallie Wagner Brown

Read Sallie’s article for WestSound Blog about our home Visit SkyeLandeSea Farm

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Kim - what a glorious setting! As I scrolled through images of your studio and gallery, I felt like I was there! Such a beautiful place for you to make beautiful art! I love the photo showing Darma and Rikki kitty. It seems that cats and horses are eager to know each other. There are few barns without cats. Thanks for sharing a bit about where you work.

Replying to

Thank you Lenore. I means so much to me that you go back and peruse some of my previous postings!

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