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Soul Essence Portrait Questionnaire


Thank you for your interest in commissioning a Soul Essence Portrait. We are embarking on a wonderful journey together and this is the first step.


Below you will find a questionnaire for you to fill out and submit so I can start a file of your preferences and keep track of our correspondence.

My clients have told me this is a thoughtful and fulfilling process. I hope you enjoy it and that the questions lead you to clarity and inspiration!

I look forward to co-creating with you!

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Ancient Knowing.jpg
"Ancient Knowing"
from Essential Portraits Gallery
You know your horse’s spirit, and your horse knows yours. The Essential Soul Essence style portrays a vision of your horse and the connection you share. It is an energetic impression that feels so familiar. The pastel swirls, lyrical lines, and dynamic colors can include symbols that have meaning for you.

Size 20” x 26” or larger

from $3,000

Eternal Kaldero.jpg
"Eternal Kaldero"
Expressive Portraits Gallery


The softness of the Expressive Soul Essence Portrait invites contemplation of your horse’s presence.  There is more to your horse than meets the eye. Details are softened and the soothing colors may include elements of nature.

Size 20” x 26” or larger

from $4,000

The Grand Master of Wisdom wm.jpg
"The Grand Master of Wisdom"
from Tangible Portraits Gallery


The Tangible Soul Essence Portrait evokes your horse’s vivid and three-dimensional presence. Wherever you are in your day or your life, your horse will be right there with you.  This style is a larger size which can include more than one image of your horse, allowing you to celebrate both the close-up of their familiar face and also their expressive form

Size 20” x 26” or larger

from $5,000

"Le Lumiere"
from Quintessential Portraits Gallery

The Quintessential Soul Essence Portrait is informed by your horse’s spirit. Visions of symbolic meaning, celestial influences, or earthly connections express the expansive and intrinsic nature of your kinship, offering a continual revelation of your soul connection.

Size 20” x 26” or larger

from $5,000



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