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Weekly Subscription

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Take Time for Reflection

Getting caught up in daily life can make us feel disconnected from spirit. The horses are always there to share their wisdom, but we all need a reminder to come back to what matters.

I have heard from other wonderful people like you that you want to deepen the connection

you have with the Spirit of Horse.  An Inspirations Subscription is a way to reconnect

with yourself through horse-inspired guidance.



 With each week's Inspirations email you receive:

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A poetry art email with a printable version.


Wallpaper messages for your desktop or phone.


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Collectible art to print, keep, and share.



Printable Journal pages for inner reflection.


SOH Inspirations Phone Mockup New Post Instagram (Instagram Post (Square)) (800 × 800 px).

Inspirations message to share on social media.



  • Quarterly Group Video Calls with Kim inviting discussion of how horses inspire us

  • Inspirations of Being eBook 20-page full color art and poetry book download

  • Collector's Chance first glance emails announcing releases of new original art

  • Subscriber Discounts 20% off all prints

Free 14-day trial

(two weekly emails plus downloads)

More of what you love at your fingertips

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Your subscription includes
Inspirations of Being eBook

A 20-page beautifully designed art and poetry book
to download and enjoy anytime.


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eBook Pages Preview


Not sure yet about subscribing? You can purchase individual Inspirations Downloads individually for $4.95

You're Invited!

Quarterly Group video conversations with Kim

"Hello, the other day I had an incredible experience I'd like to share... "


Would you like the opportunity to get to know more about my creative process? These group video conversations offer a time and place for us to connect. A new topic will be offered to focus on each session. Join in conversation with spiritually-minded horse lovers from all around the world.

Horses are Messengers

When I first discovered that horses were messengers for myself and others, I began to ask the horses in my art for guidance, and poetry is what emerged. Since 2008 I've been creating my email Inspirations. Countless people have told me how my artwork and poetry always seem to be exactly what they needed to receive at that moment.

Inspirations are an invitation to synchronicity

As a subscriber to Inspirations, every Thursday you will receive a poetry art email in your inbox. At some moment you will open the email and that moment will be the right moment for you. It is an encounter with that horse as if you had walked into a field or paddock to commune with them.

Horse Spirit at work in your life

Download the artwork with that week's message from the horse. Invite the art and Inspirations message into your life, and it will be there on your screen when you sit down at your computer, or when you reach for your phone. It is as an invitation to take a pause, to access in-between moments when you can receive insights.

Tangible Inspiration

To be felt with the heart, art is best in print, and not just on a screen. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can print that week's Inspirations collectible 5" x 7" art print. Living with art is different than just looking at it. These prints can also be a thought-full gift for someone in your life, to remind them of their own uniqueness.

The Ripple Effect

Therapists, coaches, and equine-assisted teachers have been sharing Inspirations with their workshop participants. You can also post them on social media or in your newsletters to invite reflection and discussion with your friends and followers. When you share Inspirations, the positive vibrations are magnified.


Wow! Once again, the right poem at the right time - thank you!

- Maureen

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Subscribers receive 20% discount on any of
Kim’s Print Collections




Inspirations at your fingertips

Over the years, one of the ways my art has been most accessible was through greeting cards. Since 1989 my art has been featured on Leanin' Tree Cards. Before the internet was invented, these cards were like a tangible form of Instagram. People would encounter these cards in their lives or in their travels, and though some used them for greetings, most kept them for themselves and they still have them to this day. Now you don't have to go anywhere to experience my art, you can access these beautiful creations anytime at your fingertips.

Become my patron

Your subscription and your patronage allow me to continue offering more beauty to the world.

Thank you

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