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Back to Life – Carousel Dreams

“Back to Life” Pastel Painting by Kim McElroy available as Prints at

“Back to Life”

I am the beautiful and strong steed that you once rode

I carried you away to grand adventures and back again

Time may have dulled my colors somewhat

The fine jewels of my adornments may have become chipped or lost

But when you recall how it felt to ride me,

I will remember how it was to carry you

Our hearts will remember the wind rushing by

The lights, the music, and the mystery

Then love will repaint the colors of the past…

With joy

~ Kim McElroy

Like many of us I always loved the carousel.  My introduction to the carousel was at Disneyland.  I remember how much thought I put into choosing which horse to ride.  Which one was inviting me to dance… which one looked the most alive….

In 1991 I was exhibiting my artwork in Saratoga Springs, NY during the racing season.  There was an auction planned of carousel horses at the historical Canfield Casino Museum on Broadway.  Somehow I got permission to view the horses before they went up for auction. 

In the hushed, dim room the wooden horses stood in patient rows.  Rearing, stamping, but standing so still.  Most were stripped of paint and in need of repair.  Even though their glass eyes were dulled by age, I could still see the life in those beautiful horses.  I fell in love with one horse in particular.  The one I would have chosen to ride.  I dreamt of a work of art that could pay tribute to their restoration.  I did a lot of research to envision what the original Illions horse would have looked like, what colors and designs would have been painted.  I even put in tiny details like the crackling on the gold leaf mane.

Like most things that require finesse, these fine details can only be seen in print and don’t come across on the internet.  But I am grateful for this digital age that allows me to share these works with you…

Send me a note, I always love to hear if my art and writing inspires you. 

May the Horse be with you

 ~ Kim McElroy

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