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Soul Essence Portraits

A commissioned portrait makes your love tangible

Antares Star reference Warren Keller.jpg
Antares reference photo

Your horse is in your life for a reason. The relationship is profound... so profound, that the essence is unconscious.

Soul Essence Portraits are inspired by intuitive messages I receive from the spirits of horses which I translate into a work of art.

Commission a visionary work of art that expresses what cannot be put into words.

2024 Portrait Reservations are Booked

““The joy I felt when I first laid eyes on your portrait of my Lady horse was indescribable. It is so much more than a painting. It is not a surprise, but truly this piece is a living entity… connecting our Spirits: Lady and Me.”

                                                      ~ Jeri

Lady Faire wm.jpg

A Soul Essence portrait is a talisman and a guide
to define and express what your horse means to you.

The portrait has a life of its own and is an energetic expression on paper.
The art becomes a visual meditation, a medium to allow you to celebrate and honor your connection with your horse and your inner self.

Quintessential Soul Essence Portraits

The following are some of the commissioned portraits I’ve had the pleasure
of creating for horses and their people.

“The longer I look at the portrait, seeing the tiny details hidden in plain sight, the more I hear Alibi’s messages. There are so many meanings from other sources over the past couple of years that you never could have known. I find the portrait energetically grounds me in a way I never imagined was possible.”

                             ~ Lori

If your horse has passed into the spirit realm, your relationship may have changed, but you and your horse

are still connected. A Soul Essence portrait is a window to their spirit.

Horses, whether in this world or the next
always have our well being at heart
They hold a knowing of our true selves
and offer keys to unlock the parts of us that are often hidden

Diva Divine wm.jpg

“The photos that I have of Diva, while beautiful, aren’t really her. If someone wanted to see what she looked like, I would proudly show them the photos. If someone asked who Diva was, I would even more proudly show them her portrait.”

                                  ~ Melinda

Tangible Soul Essence Portraits

A Soul Essence Portrait is a work of art created as an expression of love

Elusive as a prayer but so tangible you can almost touch it

Offering a matrix of connection

Essential Soul Essence Portraits

“This portrait is so personal for me.

I feel deeply every time I see it. This is the “real” Grace but not everyone sees her this way, or maybe I should say she does not show herself to everyone in this way. But those who her see her thus, or perhaps feel her thus, are transformed.

I know I have been.”


                                            ~ Sandra

2024 Portrait Reservations are Booked
Portal of Grace-wm.jpg

Plan Your Soul Essence Portrait Journey


Your portrait will be a gentle interweaving of your thoughts and feelings with my intuitive and artistic gifts. Through reflection and sharing of your photographs and memories, a magical co-creation evolves that allows the work of art to unfold.


There are several sizes and styles to choose from. The feelings elicited from both are profound. The primary difference is in the amount of realism and detail. Consider whether you are attracted to flow or focus.


Essential Soul Essence

from $3,000

You know your horse’s spirit, and your horse knows yours. The Essential Soul Essence style portrays a vision of your horse and the connection you share. It is an energetic impression that feels so familiar. The pastel swirls, lyrical lines, and dynamic colors often include symbols that have meaning just for you.

Nature Spirit wm kim mcelroy horse artist.jpg

Expressive Soul Essence

from $4,000

The softness of the Expressive Soul Essence Portrait invites contemplation of your horse’s presence.  There is more to your horse than meets the eye. Details are softened and the soothing colors may include elements of nature.

Stillness in Motion-wm.jpg

Tangible Soul Essence

from $5,000

The Tangible Soul Essence Portrait evokes your horse’s vivid and three-dimensional presence. Wherever you are in your day or your life, your horse will be right there with you. This style is a larger size which can include more than one image of your horse, allowing you to celebrate both the close-up of their familiar face, and also their expressive form.

Hoofbeats in Heaven_Final lg.jpg

Join the Waiting List for
2025 Portrait Reservations

There are only 8 portrait commissions available a year.
Find out about my Waiting List below.


Your relationship with your horse is timeless.
Time is irrelevant when it comes to
honoring that connection.

Because I only work with one client at a time and the process requires so many aspects, my

Portrait Reservations are extremely limited and are reserved a year or more in advance.

Soul Essence Portraits are priced starting at $3,000.


A year or two might seem a long time to wait, but time goes by quickly. 

Don’t miss your chance to join my Waiting List.

I will notify you when new reservations become available in 2025


Once you join the Waiting List, you will start receiving tools for introspection designed to help you

define your thoughts and feelings. My questionnaire, and monthly emails and stories,

will prepare you for this wonderful journey.

Join my Portrait Waiting List

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