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  • Poetry Art Inspirations emails to read, download or print each week.

  • Art Affirmation wallpapers for personal or social media use.

  • Free Inspirations of Being eBook with new free eBooks released quarterly.

  • Participate in quarterly Origins of Inspirations video chats with Kim.

  • Exclusive access to Kim's Art Archives.

Inspirations Subscription
$22 Annually


Those of you who have following me for a while know that I have been sending my Spirit of Horse Inspirations poetry art emails for years. You've told me that they provide meaningful insights that are often exactly what you needed in that moment. 

I love writing my Spirit of Horse Inspirations emails,

and I know you love receiving them.

Now I have created even better ways to enjoy them.

With your Subscription you will receive weekly Inspirations emails to read online, or download, save, and print. Plus, enjoy a downloadable Art Affirmation.

The digital experience of art and poetry is often temporary. The flash of insight or reflection passes by. Now you can keep more of what inspires you. Spirit of Horse Inspirations and Art Affirmations on your phone or desktop, or print and display on your nightstand or desk, to experience again and again when you most need to hear the wisdom from horses.. By subscribing, you also help support my creative work.

P.S. My Spirit of Horse Inspirations are only available by subscription.

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