Time spent with a horse
Is infused with meaning
Like a tarot reading
An initiation into the way
Of asking direct questions
And receiving elusive answers

~ Kim McElroy 

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A horse might enter our lives for only moments or years, yet they become a part of the fabric of our heart’s tapestry.


In 1999, when we drove up the road to look at the property that became our farm, we passed by a small farm with two horses. Little did we know that years later one of those horses would become a member of our family. 


Meadow was content with the horses through the years she spent with us, but her heart never fully embraced humans. 


One day in my studio, I was inspired to create a flowing and spontaneous piece as a break from my more complex and detailed work. I found a sketch I had drawn of Meadow. I realized that I had drawn only half of her face. Perhaps it was my way of expressing her elusive nature. As I worked with the pastel colors, I realized that as I created her single eye, her true self was there looking back at me, as if she had been waiting for me to draw her all along. I felt gratitude from her spirit, and I understood that we were a part of her journey to find some of what she was seeking. 

Watch me draw Meadowsweet here


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