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With my four feet I offer you balance

When your two aren’t enough

I will be your leeward shelter

From the storms of life

Even as I lean away from the wind

I am in alignment with all that is.

~ Kim McElroy 
Leeward Framed.jpg

“Leeward” was inspired by a horse named Navarre who I met and photographed in 2000 for his portrait. I started this drawing as a demo for an art class I taught, but I didn't finish it. When I pulled it out of its forgotten drawer, I realized it was time to complete it. I love how the horse is leaning as he banks into a turn, just like a sailboat on the seas.

Framed in a beautiful 2" deep leather-wrapped shadowbox wood frame with leather mats


Original Framed with Glass

Image size: 15" x 19"

Framed Size: 21.5" x 25.5"

Shipping time and price to be determined


Leeward Frame detail.jpg
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