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Thank you for Accepting my Invitation to Inspiration

Writing has always been a big part of how I express myself. As a child I always wrote notes to my parents and would put them on their door or pillow or some other secret place. Sometimes they were invitations and sometimes they were emotions. I discovered it was often easier to express myself in writing. Also, I liked the idea that the recipient could receive that feeling some time later when I wasn’t there.

So, it is with my Inspirations. Every Wednesday you will receive these messages in your inbox, and at some moment you will open the email and that moment will be the right moment for you. It is an encounter with that horse, as if you had walked up to that fence or field or paddock to greet them. It is  Horse Spirit at work in your life. Now, instead of that email getting lost, or that moment passing by, you can print and save the Inspirations to refer to anytime you would like.

When I discovered that horses were messengers for me and others, my art and writing became focused and attuned to express what I felt from them, in person or when experiencing their presence in my inner landscape.

I look forward to joining you in that landscape of the heart, where healing, reflection, and inspiration await you.

Don’t forget to download and save your Free Gift - Inspirations of Being eBook. And if you have time, browse my Archives. We are adding more artwork to the Archives periodically so I’ll let you know when there is more beauty to enjoy.

Dream Horse Dreams,

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