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I've created my Inspirations so you can have more of what you love at your fingertips!

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  • Poetry Art Inspiration emails with messages inspired by horses

  • Downloadable Inspiration wallpapers

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  • 20-page Full-Color Inspirations of Being eBook

  • Quarterly Origins of Inspirations video chats with Kim

  • Exclusive access to Art Archives

Inspirations emails

to read, download or print each week


Take Time for Inspiration

Getting caught up in daily life can make us feel disconnected from spirit. The horses are always there to share their wisdom, but we all need a reminder to come back to what matters.

I have heard from other wonderful people like you that you want to deepen the connection you have with my artwork and with the Spirit of Horse. My Inspirations are designed to do just that. They offer tools to help you be centered and grounded with access to horse-inspired guidance in your life.

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This is an example of the beautiful downloadable and printable options that are included with each week's subscription.

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Experience Inspiration wallpapers for personal or social media use

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Subscription Introductory Price until August 1, 2022
$49 Annually
after introductory price $69 Annually

Real Live Art

If you’ve been following me for some time you’ve been receiving my email Inspirations for free. You’re in a group with hundreds of people who have told me how my artwork and poetry always seem to be exactly what you needed to receive at that moment or on that day. But those were just emails, they came and went in the blink of an eye, or became lost in a sea of emails.

My new Inspirations are a way to deepen your connection to my work and the horses and the poetry that has been inspiring you. They are offered in several digital formats to save and share, but most importantly they are designed to be PRINTED and enjoyed outside of your screen. My art and writings are created to be seen more than once and to live and evolve within you.

  • Experience the Inspiration out of your inbox!

  • Pin up at the barn. Share them with your horses! And your friends!

  • Access Inspirations throughout the day and night.


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Your Subscription Includes a Free Download of my Inspirations of Being eBook

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The Ripple Effects of Inspiration

In this digital age it is easy to feel isolated. Inspirations are designed to be shared with your friends and loved ones to offer a glimpse of what is important to you. Print the collectible cards and you will find your attention is drawn to them right when you need to hear that message. Or it might be the perfect gift you can send to someone in need of horse-inspired guidance.

Are you a therapist or coach, or an equine-assisted teacher?  As a subscriber you can download and share Inspirations on social media and in your newsletters to invite reflection and discussion with your clients and followers.


Spirit of Horse Inspirations are more than Visual Candy

To be felt with the heart, art really needs to be seen in print, not just on a screen. Yet the dilemma is my clients like you are living more of a digital life. In the process, we are at risk of losing connection with the spiritual and natural world.

I just read that the average person scrolls through 300 feet of social media via their phones in a day. I want to make sure that my art and poetry aren’t just another few feet of scrolling, but art that can be experienced and shared again and again, that you can bring off your screen and into real life.


Since I am an artist and not a graphic designer, I enlist the talents of my graphic designer Davina Andree. All that takes creative time (and money) but I want to make memorable, tangible content you can save or print instead of just seeing it once.

What I create has a purpose

Your subscription allows me to keep offering beauty to the world. Your patronage gives me some financial support so I can spend my time in the studio creating more art to share with you!

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You're Invited!

Quarterly Origins of Inspirations video chats

"So happy to meet you! I had an incredible experience I'd like to share... "


I miss having the experience of sharing stories and inspirations in person. Won't it be fun to hang out with some spiritually-minded horse lovers and talk about horses as Origins of Inspirations? You can talk and ask questions, or just listen in.

Exclusive access to Kim McElroy Art Archives, a gallery of all of Kim’s art to enjoy online or order as prints.





"Just when I think you can’t get any better… You blow my mind and open my heart."

— Linda


"Wow! Once again, the right poem at the right time - thank you!"

— Maureen


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P.S. My Spirit of Horse Inspirations are now only available by subscription.