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The Master of Sadness

Let it go

The Master of Sadness

Some call me the Master of Sadness, for often my way was teaching through tears.
Tears for the unspoken or unfulfilled,
for regret, or for longing.
Tears for what was, what wasn’t, and what is wished for.

But tears are not for today,
because today you have a golden opportunity to love someone.
I know you love them, but really love them.
Time is precious.
As your love flows out from your heart into theirs and back again
it creates an infinity loop, a river of love
which washes away the past, and the fears of the future.

Later when you reflect on these moments,
you will feel today’s love again as vividly as it is now,
because it is an active-act-of love.
Continue the flow and let it go,
like the unravelling threads of a prayer flag.
~ Kim McElroy

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