Hold the Sky

“Even as the earth spins 
And the sun rises and sets  
And our hours and days have come and gone 
The moments of our hearts joined as one  
Will transcend time and space 
And last an eternity.” 
~ Kim McElroy 

Eleanor asked that I create a painting of her mare Fine Time that could portray the elusive and magical moments she had experienced when being with Fine Time in her pasture. She described the feeling of Oneness she had with Fine Time and with nature, and how time itself seemed to stand still and her awareness of any separation between herself, her horse, and life dissolved away. Several times Fine Time had initiated an embrace and held Eleanor to her chest in a very poignant gesture of love, which she enacted as if on cue when I went to photograph her for the portrait. 

Fine Time passed away before I was able to begin her portrait, but the feelings we all shared that day were in my heart as I created this painting. While I was creating the artwork, a song played on Spotify titled “Hold the Sky” by 2002. The music and lyrics were uncannily perfect, so much so that Eleanor thinks of this music as their theme song. The Group 2002 generously gave me permission to use their song title as the title of the artwork. The painting is now a tangible reminder of the love they shared.

Reference photo for "Hold the Sky" commissioned portrait

Eleanor’s Comments:

Kim created an amazing portrait of my four mares several years ago, Crossroads, which was the beautiful result of a long and ongoing conversation Kim and I had about the many elements of the painting that were important to me and at the same time true to her vision. Not too long after its completion, I had a profound and really ethereal experience with my mare and treasured friend of 25 years, Fine Time. I knew that somehow I wanted this to be captured in the way that only Kim can do it, imbued with magic and love. I contacted her right away and told her that our work together had another piece that wanted to be breathed into being. This is what I wrote, in part, to convey my experience:


“It is really more feelings than pictures. The best I can do is to describe it as a see-through, a revealing, a melding and merging of heart and essence and being, particularly the two of us, but also with the trees and sky. It was bathed in late afternoon light and as I try to put it into words right now, it conjures up a feeling of peace and bliss and utter contentment. The feelings that I have for her, especially as they manifest in these moments of merging, are truly time-less.”


When we had the unveiling, the perfection and beauty of Kim’s artistic expression of Fine Time’s and my experiencing took my breath away. The painting hangs where I see it many times a day, and it opens and softens my heart each and every time. It is a treasure. 

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