Ella's Transcendence

My spirit is as vast and still as the stars
And as close and intimate as home
I am there and here and all around
My generous heart gifts ever rippling out 
Into infinity
~ Kim McElroy

When I meditated with Ella’s angelic spirit, I partook of her healing presence, and I had a vision of her amidst the vastness of the universe. I could see three hundred and sixty degrees around me simultaneously. I felt a peace so profound I’ll never forget it. The challenge for her portrait was how to portray that incredible feeling in a work of art!


Her owner Stacy said she resonated with Ella’s inspiration, but she expressed a desire to portray her spirit closer to home. She sent me a beautiful sunset picture of her land, and that gave me the idea of depicting Ella in the sunset clouds with the milky way galaxy in the upper sky, creating a circular feeling of earth and sky, form and spirit, home and universe, and Ella, as a part of it all.

Reference photo for Ella's Transcendence

Stacy’s Comments:


I really love the pastel art piece you created of my dear Ella! I can barely express all the beautiful feelings it engenders in me. This piece really captures her essence and evokes the tenderness of our relationship while she was on the Earth. Now that Ella is in spirit, this picture of her helps me to connect easily with those memories and uplifts my soul. Many others who knew and loved her have said the same. Thank you for working with me to get it just right! You did!


Reference photo for Ella's Transcendence

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