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In this timeless dance of life
We both lead
We both follow
We know each other so well
Every touch, gesture, and breath
Is infused with meaning

~ Kim McElroy 
Courtship framed.jpg

This painting was inspired by an experience I had while visiting Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary. At RTF the horses live in natural herds and they use humane birth control. As I watched, this stallion began courting a mare. It was such a blessing that they felt comfortable enough with me to exhibit their natural behaviors. It was such a rare and beautiful moment to witness their miraculous life of harmony after being rescued from the cruel roundups.


The pastel drawing is created on semi-transparent vellum paper representing their elusive spirits. Subtly visible underneath is a handmade paper embedded with real ferns and flowers representing their wild nature.

The original art is framed in a custom 3" deep shadowbox with Owl and crow feathers, and some of our own horse’s hair.

25% of this purchase will be donated to Return to Freedom Wild Horse Sanctuary

Original Framed

Image Size:  20" x 30"

Framed Size:  30" x 35"

Shipping time and price to be determined