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Between this world and the next
There is a luminous veil
You believe I am invisible
I am, if you believe

In order to understand clairvoyance,
And learn what it means to be clear seeing…
Close Your Eyes
And See

~ Kim McElroy

Reference photo for Clairity

When Holly asked me to do a portrait of her beloved kiger mustang mare, Claire, she did not tell me much about her. She wanted my impressions to be a blank slate from which to create what I perceived.


At first, I had difficulty connecting with Claire's spirit in my meditations, so I contacted my friend, animal communicator Diane Barrett. Diane said that Claire had more to reveal, so Holly and I joined in on a session with her. These insights helped me realize Claire’s energy was very subtle, and helped to comfort Holly who was still grieving from the recent loss of her mare.

When Claire made herself known to me, she showed me a picture of wings and feathers, and an impression of her looking through the feathers in a playful way. Holly was moved by the conversation with Diane and Claire, and she then revealed to me that Claire’s name was short for “Clairvoyance”.  Thus I knew my intuitive vision was right on track. The feathers seemed like more than angel wings, they represented many colors and perceptions, and I felt she offered this vision of her self as a guide for intuition.


I drew Claire’s feathers with iridescent pastel. They appear transparent, and sparkle, shift, and change depending upon the angle of view. Upon completion of the artwork, I was walking on my farm and I found a beautiful iridescent gold feather, unlike anything I had ever seen before. I knew it was a sign from Claire, which I gave to Holly.


Holly and I mutually chose the title spelled “Clairity” in honor of Claire’s name. I look forward to hearing what she reveals to you.

Holly’s Comments: