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Inspirations of Being Horse Art 


In 1987 when I began painting horses professionally, I discovered that my artwork, just like an encounter with a real horse, elicits deep emotions. This can happen in surprising ways, both with people who are involved with horses and with people who haven’t had experiences with horses. Once someone has had this type of experience with my artwork, they never forget the painting, even if years have passed.

Most of my artistic horses exist in another reality, a place I envision where the spirits of horses exist in all their freedom and majesty. In this place, the horse spirits can communicate freely with us, and our emotions are an indication of the importance of the messages.

In 2007, I began writing weekly email inspirational messages called e-Inspirations to share with my online subscribers. Within a short time, over 2,000 people had signed up! People often inquire if I would create a book, so thanks to self-publishing this magic can now happen. I hope you enjoy Inspirations of Being and that it reminds you to hearken to the wisdom of horses.

Here is a collection of all the art within the book as well as some delightful products featuring the art for you to purchase for perfect gifting to yourself or your loved ones.

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