My namesake shines as a red bright star
Mistaken for Mars when seen from afar
On earth I am a holder of dreams
A mare of moment who is much esteemed
But for one woman’s heart I especially glow
And she is the only one I know
Who understands my equine heart and mind
In this legacy of love we are entwined
~Kim McElroy
Antares reference photo

Reference photo for Antares

Sometimes the best things are worth waiting for, and inspirations come together as they are meant to be. I met and photographed Kris's Friesian mare, Antares, in 2009 but it was to be quite a few years before the timing was right to embark on her portrait. Yet when I did so, it came together seamlessly.  Antares celestial namesake is a bright red star in a particularly beautiful nebula. These elements all served to enhance her wise and lovely presence.

When we look at the span of time it takes to create a star, we realize that time is relative. We are often in alignment, without even knowing it.

Antares Star reference Warren Keller.jpg

Antares photo © Warren Keller used with permission

Kris’s comments: 

After many years of planning this portrait, I figured I wanted to see the unveiling, rather than just open a package delivered by UPS. So, I got on a plane and flew from Wisconsin to Seattle. It was so incredible to be in person with Kim and Rod and be in the middle of the creativity. She had the portrait of Antares on an easel, covered with a cloth. When Kim unveiled it, I nearly started to cry. It was perfect, and way more than I was expecting. Her talent is deep, spiritual, and complete.

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