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Rainbow Warrior

This is an Expressions portrait of a wonderful Tennessee Walker named “Tommy Boss”.   His person, Rita, rescued him from a misguided owner and he is the leader of their herd of three.   He is solid, dependable, lovable, and has strong opinions, all of which make him unique.   I have a deep fondness for him because when I am visiting Rita I get to ride Tommy on their beautiful land.   In this painting the reflections of the snow blended in his eye made a rainbow of colors.


“Rainbow Warrior”

Look into my gentle eyes

Feel my open soul

I have the strength of a warrior bold

And the sweetness of a foal

I reflect the light of endless skies

My freedom is your gift

From strife and toil I was released

To please you is my wish

I guide the herd and watch the land

My commitment and my quest

A blessed life for a horse to lead

Doing what I do best

~ Kim McElroy


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