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Earth Dance

The inspiration for “Earth Dance” was created from images I received during a meditation asking for a vision to portray the Soul Essence of a horse named Cutter.  Cutter is a horse that revels in his life and has a particular fondness for rolling in dirt and mud!

In my meditation a beaver appeared and led me into a cave wherein there was a council of animals.  Then the beaver transformed into Cutter and led me outside to a beautiful woodland place.  An eagle flew overhead and gave us the gift of his feather.  As the feather spiraled down I had the vision for the medicine wheel. In the center of the Medicine Wheel I could envision Cutter dancing.  I felt like the sound and vibration is essential to him, the sound of his hoof beats on the ground, the vibration of a beaver’s tail when it hits the ground - the power of the earth.  I then asked which animals wanted to be in the four directions.  Three animals came to me clearly - but the fourth was a mystery.  There was a message that it was something to do with an earth god of the Hopi.  Associated with the colors of green and red. 
In my research for the images that had come to me, I was fascinated by what I learned.  Originally Medicine Wheels were patterns constructed by laying stones of different shapes and sizes on the ground.  The invention of these stone structures is credited to the natives of North America. These structures are mainly used for all kinds of astronomical calculations, healing physical and mental diseases, for various rituals and for teaching.
The Hopi earth god is called "Maasaw" also written as "Masauwu", “Masao” or "Masau". He responsible for the Earth's surface, fire, and the underworld, and is called upon for healing the sick.  His shawl is depicted in green and red.  The Hopi creation beliefs center around their emergence from the inside of the earth - like my vision of the cave and Cutter leading me into the outer world.  It was a joy to bring this powerful vision from Cutter to life!

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"Earth Dance"

When Horse dances the medicine wheel
his hoof beats resound the earth like a drum
The spirits rise to meet him, offering a sacred dance
South ~ Earth... Beaver ~ the builder of dreams
Eagle ~ Fire... illuminator of spirit, healing and creation - being of the Sun
Bear ~ Water... link to the unconscious mind
Massauu ~ Air... the God of earth and rebirth.
This Horse brings forth these beings for healing...
His own healing, for his beloveds, and others who will come.

 ~ Kim McElroy

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