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Merlin's Spirit

This painting was especially created for the Way of the Horse Book and Card deck, a collaboration featuring my illustrations with interpretations by the Linda Kohanov, author of The Tao of Equus and Riding Between the Worlds.  This painting depicts Linda's stallion, Merlin, who she rehabilitated from being an unmanageable stallion.  Merlin's emotional healing was so complete that he was able to transition into living with his mares, and play at liberty with his own son, Spirit.  Linda's keyword messages for this painting is Redemption of the Masculine, and Mutual Transformation.
"Merlin's Spirit"

"Father and son,
united in a healing bond
teaching us of the wisdom
of masculine energy
when channeled and directed,
yet free in harmonious self expression."

~ Kim McElroy

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A Giclée print is a high resolution digital print using archival inks on the highest quality heavy rag watercolor paper; has a 1" wide border; is hand titled and signed by Kim;is mounted on a board and wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve for ease of handling, viewing and framing; and is shipped flat

A poster is a high resolution digital print using archival inks on very nice medium weight matte paper, has a 1/2" white border is not hand signed, and is shipped in a tube.

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