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The Messenger

"The Messenger" began as a creation of a dream horse, but the painting felt very profound to me as I created it. I was inspired to add wings and deep purple - which I later learned is the color of intuition. I believe that "The Messenger" is a powerful spirit guide and totem for anyone who wishes to connect with the part of themselves that is horse-like, and a beautiful symbol for our true creative and intuitive nature.
~ Kim McElroy
"The Messenger"
I am the daughter of earth and water, and the nursling of the sky.  I pass though the pores of the ocean and shores, I change, but I cannot die."

 ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Select Print Style and Size6.5 x 10 Giclée $65.00
Shipping: $15.00

9 x 14.5 Giclée $125.00
Shipping: $20.00

12.5 x 20 Giclée $200.00
Shipping: $30.00

16.5 x 26 Giclée $275.00
Shipping: $35.00

19 x 30 Giclée $350.00
Shipping: $40.00

6.5 x 10 Poster $30.00
Shipping: $7.00

9 x 14.5 Poster $60.00
Shipping: $10.00

12.5 x 20 Poster $95.00
Shipping: $12.00

16.5 x 26 Poster $135.00
Shipping: $12.00

19 x 30 Poster $175.00
Shipping: $12.00

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Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of Giclée prints and posters.

A Giclée print is a high resolution digital print using archival inks on the highest quality heavy rag watercolor paper; has a 1" wide border; is hand titled and signed by Kim;is mounted on a board and wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve for ease of handling, viewing and framing; and is shipped flat

A poster is a high resolution digital print using archival inks on very nice medium weight matte paper, has a 1/2" white border is not hand signed, and is shipped in a tube.

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