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Espirit de la Mer

This painting was originally commissioned as a unicorn emerging from the sea, for a Collector's Plate series by Lenox.  In trying to find a buyer for the original painting, I began to sense that some people did not appreciate unicorns as much as I did - so I removed the horn from the original pastel.  Now - thanks to a wonderful collector who loves unicorns, the horn has been restored to the original creation.  I think this beautiful horse doesn't mind that I have two paintings celebrating his magnificent spirit.


The Unicorn version of this painting is called Sea Mystic. The horse who inspired this painting is an Arabian Stallion named Shahzareign.  He has posed for many of my paintings, including "Shahzareign", "Territory", "Running Tide" and "Blue Lupine"

"Esprit de la Mer"


"When you do dance, I wish you a wave 'o the sea,

 that you might ever do nothing but that."

~ Shakespeare


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A Giclée print is a high resolution digital print using archival inks on the highest quality heavy rag watercolor paper; has a 1" wide border; is hand titled and signed by Kim;is mounted on a board and wrapped in a clear plastic sleeve for ease of handling, viewing and framing; and is shipped flat

A poster is a high resolution digital print using archival inks on very nice medium weight matte paper, has a 1/2" white border is not hand signed, and is shipped in a tube.

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